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As the place where friends and family gather the most in a home, it’s important for a living room to not only be inviting but well decorated. While we know that picking the right coffee table for your space is no easy task. Your coffee table should unify a living room by bridging its contents together creating a space that is inviting and screams “ sit over here and let’s chat.”

To help you find the coffee table that works best for you, whether you want to make it the focus of your room or have it play a more supporting, holding-the-remote-control kind of role. Here at img | Home, we have rounded up our unique high-end coffee table options to elevate any living space. These beautiful designer pieces will range from large to compact in size and from modern to eccentric in style.




The oxford coffee table is such a unique designer piece on its own, but when used as a coffee table, it adds that bit of spark to any room . Its contemporary modern design allows it to be a versatile yet timeless design piece to be used in almost any design atmosphere, whether it be modern or eccentric . The Oxford coffee table is blind-tufted, with a top-grain leather top that floats inside an antique brass Parsons base with cage-like detailing. With the grand size, it can fill in the smallest or largest space in the grandest of ways.




If you’re looking for something that doesn’t distract from the other furniture in your room and have a tight compact space but still want a designer look and with a spacious feel? The copper nesting side tables are the ones. Don't be fooled by the title, these beautiful designer pieces can double up as a coffee table or side table or even both! The gleam of brushed copper sheds light on the decadent mid-century modern design for an unforgettable accent sure to turn heads at any and all social gatherings.



If you have been looking for a coffee table that has it all then the Arquelis Marmo coffee table is the one! It is effortlessly sleek and sure to be the topic of conversation among your guests. Its black marble top adds sophistication while its low height will make ceilings appear taller. Perfect for any space that needs a circle size of perfection, the marble design allows this piece to be casual and designer all in one. Plus, it’s undoubtedly versatile and can fit it seamlessly within many design styles. The beautiful piece can easily go along a tufted mid century sofa with a pair of wingback lounge chairs on the side.



This beautiful boho mid century wooden dream piece will be a perfect addition to any living room space. If you're working with a tight space but would still like to have the luxurious bohemian mid century style for your coffee table then pairing two of these versatile Octagon wooden tables together to create a coffee table. This beautiful piece can easily be placed in a contemporary bohemian modern living room decor setting, to help transform your living room into a luxurious Arabian night dream come true.

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