How to style art for a luxurious home decor

Decorating and filling a space can be challenging, and even once you’ve spent hours painstakingly selecting the perfect furniture and accessories for your home, it can still feel empty without wall art. Picking the right art for your space is the perfect way to elevate any area in your home to make it feel like it's been plucked out of an upscale home decor magazine. To help you with this, we’ve compiled some ideas to help you choose the perfect luxury home décor for each area of your home. 


The kitchen is a great space often used for gathering and hanging out while cooking, but one which is often overlooked when it comes to art. As the kitchen is such an important space in the home, it is a great window of opportunity to play around with different types of art.

Adding a twist of upscale art is a great way to add dimension and heart to a central part of your home. 




Your bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation, inspiration, and recuperation, and the artwork in your space should reflect that. There are many great places for art in a bedroom; directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed are great options for a focal piece. Large-scale pieces work well in a bedroom because they are a great way to add dimension and interest to an empty wall without making the room appear cluttered. 




Living room

The living room is generally the most fun room to decorate, but it can also be the most intimidating. There is so much space to work with and it is usually the space to host and entertain guests, making it overwhelming to pick pieces that tie the space together. A large-scale piece with subtle texture can change the mood and feel of any space. Choosing pieces with similar color schemes and similar vibes is a great way to make the decor feel more intentional and really bring the room together.






The decor in your office is essential to creating a comfortable, pleasant space to help you focus while you are working. When choosing art for your office, keep an eye out for pieces that inspire you. Working from home is ten times more enjoyable when you have a space that you love!

Clean lines and sleek neutrals meet soft warmth and comfort, for modern luxury and sophistication you can sink into.