How to style accent chairs

Decorating and rearranging occasionally keeps your home fresh, but it can be challenging to find a piece of furniture that’s completely multifaceted. Accent chairs are the perfect versatile tools to create bold statements in any setting and allow for flexible placement and styling. If you’re looking to add an element of texture, color, shape, or authenticity to your space, an accent chair might be your best bet.

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled some ideas to help you fashionably select and arrange accent chairs in your home.

Accent Chairs in the Living Room

When styling your living room accent chair, don't be afraid to play with colors or textures. Our Berlin lounge chair is an excellent choice if you're looking for a luxurious addition to your space. Guests will notice the striking pop of color in its teal velvet upholstery and wooden plinth base. Even so, if you accessorize the chair with throw pillows and blankets.

In its surrounding area, you can complete the look by adding a plant, floor lamp, or side table. It's always fun to mix it up!

Accent Chairs in the Dining Room



A dining room always needs extra accent chairs, especially during holiday parties or get-together. If you’re looking to upgrade your dining space, our simplistic yet elegant Ashton chair is a great addition.

A slim, graphic metal frame crafted from stainless steel with a warm brass finish will seamlessly elevate a relaxed dining atmosphere, but versatility is not lost. Pop this chair into the corner of your dining room for extra seating, elevate your office space with a boss-worthy chair, or use this piece as the anchor for your glam-room set up.

Accent Chairs in the Bedroom



After a long day, one of the best ways to relax is by kicking up your feet and getting lost in a good book, your favorite television program or online shopping. Create an impeccable bedroom nook with a cozy accent chair, simple ottoman, and a comforting throw. For example, our Rialto chair sits beautifully in velvet fabric with an exposed stainless-steel frame. This well-constructed chair can be a leisure accent chair not only in your bedroom but in your home office as well.

Clean lines and sleek neutrals meet soft warmth and comfort, for modern luxury and sophistication you can sink into.