How to Choose a Dining Chair

A dining room is the heart of your home and the keeper to your most cherished memories. No matter the circumstance, it’s a place where family and friends come together as a unit to celebrate one another. From birthday parties to holiday gatherings, one aspect remains the same; remembrance.

What fond memory comes to mind when you think about your dining room? Is it the late night chats over snacks, where that certain someone recites the same story over and over. Or maybe you recall family game nights full of uncontrollable laughter…or the occasional sports event celebration with chicken wings and chips? Perhaps it’s the holiday festivities that we patiently wait for every year, or even the unplanned dinner date with your future soulmate.

One thing is for sure, the importance in choosing the right dining set is essential to the coming times in your life.

The amount of possibilities in styling your dining room is endless, but did you ever purchase a dining table without matching chairs? While you gush over your new table, your mind starts questioning, how will I find the best chairs to fit my dining space? As the saying goes, there’s always a match out there for someone. In this case, the same rule applies to dining chairs; every table has its own chair counterpart.

To better guide you, follow these simple steps in choosing the right dining chair from an array of affordable, high-end furniture.

Dining Chair Height and Scale

Before you purchase a dining chair, measuring the distance between the table and the seat are vital in determining your best choice. A well known mistake occurs when you measure from the table’s top to the chair seat. If the table doesn’t have an apron, start measuring from the bottom of the table’s top to the seat. In this way, you are recording measurements correctly for your new dining chair.

If you’re purchasing a dining chair online, pay attention to the specifications mentioned and measure it against your table at home. Standard dining chairs range from 17 to 20 inches high, while most tables are up to 30 inches high. With these measurements in mind, the average distance between the seat and table varies between 8 and 14 inches. In order to sustain comfort during your dining experience, the height and scale of your table and chairs must be compatible.

For example, our Ashton side dining chair has a dimension of 19.5” x 24” x 32.5”. Once these details are identified, you’ll be able to measure accordingly from the table’s top to the chair’s seating, to confirm if it’s the right fit. In addition, this elegant and luxurious feeling dining chair can also be used as a side chair. Most dining areas, are styled with a side chair that brings an eye-catching vibe to your dining room.




Comfortable Dining Chairs

One of the most important factors in choosing a dining chair, is comfort. It has the ability to ruin your guests time if the chair’s cushion isn’t up to par. Our Othello dining chair is a modern dining chair with a stocked in contemporary white soft faux leather base, that would appeal to a consumer looking for comfort. In addition, the Othello chair is very elegant and will add the sophistication you’ve been envisioning for your dining room.



Dining Chair Style

To top it all off, the dining room personality will be the first thing that your family and friends will admire. Everyone’s taste varies from modern to contemporary, leaving you to decide on countless options. No matter what style you decide on, elegance will bring a successful undertone to your dining space atmosphere. Our Clara dining chair is a prime example of a smart, graceful contemporary design. Featuring brilliant flattened stainless steel with squared legs and arms, the Clara’s upholstered white seat appears delightfully weightless in its form floating within the frame. Any dining room will shine with this gorgeous piece of high-end furniture that will be the envy of all your guests.


Clean lines and sleek neutrals meet soft warmth and comfort, for modern luxury and sophistication you can sink into.