4 tips to style a coffee table

As we honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, Americans traditionally mingle with family and friends over good food and drinks. This year, our holiday rituals have changed. Our new way of life is to celebrate indoors while social distancing from one another. The best solution under these circumstances is to invite a small group of guests while maintaining a safe capacity in your home.

Besides dining in, your living room is one of the best areas in your home for guests to relax and catch up on all the latest gossip. During a get-together, refreshments are vital. Once coffee, cocktails, and pastries are served, your coffee table becomes one of the most engaging pieces of furniture in your home.

Even on a typical day, your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room. Considering how often we use it, its multi-functioning purpose holds great importance in your home. Your coffee table frequently turns into a desk, dining area, and footrest for those binge-worthy Netflix nights. And let’s not forget its ability to turn into a cocktail coffee table; especially during celebrations and holidays.

Given the fact that it is the focal point of your living room, the way you choose to style your coffee table can change the overall ambiance of the space. Use these tips to guide you in arranging your coffee table with a stylish and practical display.

1. Group Objects into Displays

Rather than a dissonant display of clutter, group your coffee table items into congruent clusters using trays, bowls, or books as anchors. As you create your display groups, think about complementary heights and the visual space each item occupies. With these tips in mind, your coffee table will have harmonious and functional balance.



Grouped displays are perfect for large coffee tables. Our Oxford coffee table provides the space to play with shapes, heights, colors, and textures. It has a prime grain leather top with blind tufted fabric and an antique brass Parsons base with a cage-like lining. Also, this coffee table has a library-chic quality, that would appeal to any book reader. 

2. Use Books For a Personal Touch

In the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero, “a home without books is a body without a soul.” Books bring a personal touch to your coffee table decor but be sure to select a color scheme that accentuates your space. Use the book’s surface and stack small decor like candles or an interesting object to add height and dimension.

Our luxurious Jet Set Mirrored coffee table will make your living room stunning. Its sophistication lies in the simplicity of inset mirrored glass set in a classic, gold-leaf wood frame. This modern coffee table will make any space look bigger, brighter, and better.



3. Curb Side Table Addition

The Aubrey Cube side table is classic modernity at its essence. This polished brass side table is at once versatile and totally glamorous. If you’re looking for a small accent next to your couch, these cubes would make a great addition to your living room.

4. Sometimes, Less is More

Everyday coffee tables tend to collect junk. You might start off placing a few books or magazines and a week later, your remote controls and random knick-knacks start inhabiting the table.

Try to avoid making this mistake by keeping it simple! Keep in mind, overcrowding your coffee table with too many objects creates visual weight and can cause anxiety. As you style your table, you want to preserve the elegance of your coffee table.

Clean lines and sleek neutrals meet soft warmth and comfort, for modern luxury and sophistication you can sink into.